Hi every one!So how is every thing going about a new year at school?Having fun with your old friends ?Studyng in the same school?For me everything is different this year.I`ve just moved to a new school with lots of new teachers and classmates.This school is famous for it`s great students .Every year a wide range of students of the 6th grade take part inthe exam for entering the best schools of the highest educational levels and this school plays a very important part in the exam.What for??Many of the students from this school pass this important exam successfully and much better than the students in other schools.That`s why I moved to this school,to achieve my goals and be a good student.I find my new school the best way to succeed but I guess the high educational level is the only good point of studying in this school.the campus is terrible,a dirty and old house with lots of small rooms......believe it or not it used to be a house many years ago and then they transfered it to a school without making any changes .That`s why our classroom is covered with old and broken tiles(I guess it used to be the kitchen or the bathroom of the  house.)There aren`t any labs or modern boards.The teachers and students are very friendly though.you can always feel welcomed as a new student and there`s always alot to learn.students compete alot with each other but they`re all good friends.Now I`ve got many friends and I feel a great change in my educational level esp about mathematics,I`m sure I`ll succeed!!!!

منبع : English is as sweet as a big candy |a great year at school:)
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